Sunday, 29 December 2013

Boxing Day: Food, Family, and Sightseeing

There are two things Italian treasure the most: Family and Food! And we love to gather around the fireplace during the Christmas Holidays to chit-chat, snack, and be merry. If it wasn't clear enough from my previous posts, I absolutely adore Christmas! For us, Christmas is a three-day affair: we start with a fish dinner on the 24th, followed by a super lunch on the 25th, and finally another big lunch on the 26th. As there is a lot of cooking involved, we usually split the chores. This year, however, my parents hosted all three meals. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun too. 

The 26th was a smaller affair. We took some pictures and ate and talked a lot. Emilia was very good and napped exactly when we were having lunch, which meant we could all enjoy a nice meal in peace (no offence, baby!).


 When she woke up, she drank her milk and then she was full of energy and enjoyed walking up and down the stairs, one of her new favourite pastimes. 


And since we all exchanged gifts on the 25th, lunch was much shorter. So, Beatrice, Rob, and I took the chance to do some local sightseeing. We visited a lovely Medieval town just thirty minutes away from my parents' house, Città S. Angelo. We had a very nice time wandering around and look at that sky, isn't it gorgeous?!


And guess what we did as soon as we got back home?! Yes, eat more! 

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