Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter gifts from Italy

My parents are in town! Mum and dad are in London, hurray! Can you feel the excitement?! Rob and I have been counting the days for a few weeks and finally Tuesday night my parents arrived to London and are going to be with us for two fat weeks! We are all so happy and of course they themselves couldn't wait to be here to play with their beloved grand-daughter. They landed very late at night on Tuesday and got to our flat around 1.30 am. Emilia was of course sleeping so they quietly sneaked into the bed in her room and fell asleep straight away. We were all wondering what reaction Emilia would have had in the morning when she would see them sleeping next to her but no one could expect what happened: apparently, she woke up around 7.00, stood up, checked what was going on in the bed, and without saying a word went down again in her crib and slept until 8.40! Rob and I had forgotten how peaceful it is to have breakfast without Emilia around! :) 

Anyway, once up, she had her breakfast and then we moved to her little craft area in the living room where my parents literally showered her with gifts. They brought so many things that it took quite some time for Emilia to open everything. You can get a glimpse of the joy in the video below. I only filmed the first five minutes, therefore the first half of the gifts! So, thank you ever so much to all of you who sent gifts to Emilia, you are special and we love you very much. Thank you to my mum's colleagues, each one of you, you are so sweet, nonna Nilde, Ilaria, Cristian and baby Aso, zia Patty, Ilenia, Alessandro, Simone and especially Giulia (Emilia thought your drawing was a masterpiece!), zio Leonardo and zia Maria for the yummy Limoncello biscuits from Ischia (these are for us, not Emilia!) and if I am forgetting someone, thank you-thank you-thank you! We love you all.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Ishash (?!)

Ishash is the name that Emilia has given to her little friend (boyfriend?!?) Elias. I love that she assigns names to the people she likes. Emilia loves spending time with Elias and today we had a double date: in the morning we took a long stroll to the Southbank and while Katharina and I enjoyed some chats, the view,  and the gorgeous weather, the kids adoringly looked at each other and communicated in their own, super sweet, way. On the way back home we then stopped to play a bit on the grass at Potters Fields to let them loose.


And after a long, energetic nap, we were out again. This time we went to the playground and had so much fun! The two kids clearly like each other, they talked, smiled, and even kissed each other, twice! Shhhh, don't tell Rob :) 


Sunday, 13 April 2014

Festival and Marathon

Not only is today the day for the London Marathon where hundreds and hundreds of runners will enjoy wandering around the capital, it is also the More London festival, right in our little area. Street food, market stalls, music, Pimm's...everything is right here. And, on top of that, the weather is gorgeous. What a great way to celebrate Palm Sunday!

We all woke up quite early and got ready quickly as we were excited to get out of the flat to enjoy the sun! The atmosphere at Potters Fields was beautiful and we loved strolling around. Again, we feel very VERY lucky to live in such a beautiful city. 


Back home we had a quick bite and took a power nap. And now, we are ready to go out again! 


Friday, 11 April 2014


As you know, I am Italian and Rob is American and we live in London far from all our families. We have done so up until last September when my cousin moved to London with her family.  My cousin, Severe, looks after Emilia the days I work and yesterday she brought her kids along as school is currently close for the Eater break. Thursday morning is when Emilia usually goes to the gym to play a bit and they all went together. I gather they had a lot of fun. I wish I could have gone too. Emilia loves playing with Nicole and Thomas and they are so so cute together. It's nice to have family around again!


Sunday, 6 April 2014

Working in Gothenburg

I spent the last few days in Gothenburg for work and even if I was mostly inside in meetings, thankfully I still had the chance to wander around this beautiful city. This was my second time in Sweden as I visited Stockholm with Rob a few years ago, and I am in love with this Country. I have always been a fan of the Scandi style, a chic mixture of old and new and my second visit has confirmed how fond of it I am! Gothenburg is smaller and certainly not as picturesque as the Swedish capital but it is nonetheless a very nice place, in fact, so nice that I think I could actually live there. I am glad I was able to see it and even had the chance to do some shopping at the Marimekko store! 

The only annoying thing is that I got sick on my last day, so while I am writing this post I have a bad sore throat, cold, and high temperature... So, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...