Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Yellow Party

As I mentioned previously on this blog, on Saturday we threw a little party for Emilia's second birthday here at my parents' house. Since Emilia's favourite colour is yellow, I decided to organise a yellow party where not only all the decor was in yellow but I also asked all the guests to wear something yellow! It was lovely to see my parents' garden all dressed up for the occasion and yellow is such a happy colour! To make things even more special, my mum made beautiful personalised hats and bracelets, all decorated with flowers and ribbons, and she also made a gorgeous number 2 all covered with paper and fabric flowers. Amazing. Both adults and kids loved dressing up although the big hit was by far the vintage swing! I had so much fun planning this party and it was lovely to see everyone enjoying it. 

Happy second birthday my little princess! I wish you a lifetime of happiness!


Thursday, 4 September 2014

Pescara favourite moments (so far)

1. Picking up almonds and hazelnuts in the garden


2. Playing at the playground


3. Relaxing at the beach


4. Dinner with the artists in Francavilla


5. Afternoon at the pool


6. Dining on a "trabocco"


7. Reunion with highschool friends and their kids

8. Riding the truck with nonno

 And finally, relaxing at home! And there is nothing better than home...