Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Family Activities

Sadly, we don't have a fireplace to gather around in our flat in London and our living room is only so big that we cannot really have a huge table but we still manage to do some crafting! When mum and grandmum are around we join forces and work on the most fun activities together! This time they only stayed for five days and I was busy with a workshop for two of the days but when we were all home, we tried to make the most of our time together! My mum brought leaves from their garden in Italy to show all the different varieties to Emilia who enjoyed sticking them on paper; she also brought several fabric scraps to play with and make art! Planning ahead, I had also bought a *make it yourself - doll kit* and we all gave it a go together; Emilia had her very first experience with stiching (with a rubber needle, of course!) and she was very good! Of course, it wouldn't be a proper stay with mum and grandmum if we didn't make bread and pizza! Emilia loves this activity, she enjoys working the dough with the rolling pin and makes the best bread ever! :) 

What else can I say: mum, nonna, when are you coming back? Fancy visiting us again?!? We sure miss you already...


Speaking of Christmas...

And while the city gets ready for the biggest holiday of the year, at home we are starting to work on some Christmas decorations ourselves! 

My mum and grandmum were in town for a few days and they flew with a huge Xmas tree as their handbag (!?!). A beautiful fabric tree, entirely handmade by my mum for Emilia! Emilia loved it so much that she didn't seem to care at all about all the other gifts they brought along, Peppa Pig books and stuffed George included! One day I hope to be able to spend enough time with my mum to sit down and learn how to make myself all the wonderful things she can make. I like to think I am quite crafty myself but I am absolutely nothing compared to my mother. Emilia is fascinated by the whole concept of making something, she loves sitting down at the table and work on an activity. It's in our blood and I hope to be able to teach her as many things as possible and spend as much time together crafting and making things! Is there anything more charming than sitting at a big table making things and seeing your products getting life, perhaps next to a fireplace and while sipping a nice and hot cup of tea?!? I don't think so. Even better if my mum and grandmum are around, it brings me back to when I was little and every weekend we would work on a project together, baking, sewing, stitching, you name it. Good times. 

Back to the tree,  it is so big that it cannot be hung anywhere in our flat, so for the moment it has been moving around from the couch, to our bed and now on a bench in our bedroom. Who knows where it will end up next?! Emilia stops to admire it and say *bello* every time she passes by it. It's made of linen, cotton, pom poms, ribbons and beautiful gold stars. Entirely handmade by my mummy! I am so proud.


We, Emilia and I, certainly cannot achieve such level of perfection but we have worked on some little Christmas craft too. When my mum and grandmum left yesterday afternoon the flat was a bit empty so, to cheer everyone up, I put all sorts of little decorations on the table, pom poms, buttons, hearts, butterflies, reindeers, ribbons, bows, and other things to decorate foam Christmas trees. Emilia was in heaven, she loved it! I told her she was going to make her own Christmas gifts to give away to the people she loves and she started listing all the names of the people who should receive it...she has made seven so far and there are eight more to make, if you are in luck, you'll get one! :) 


I know it's only mid-November but to me it is never too early to start thinking about Christmas! And my very best friends share this thought with me as we have started to receive our first cards and gifts already, thanks to my very dear friend Anya!

It's beginning to look a lot like Xmas...

London is getting festive and is more beautiful than ever! The weather has been very mild, which is nice, but I wouldn't mind a little bit of snow for that extra dose of magic!

Covent Garden Market
Somerset House

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

An amazing shopping experience!

If there was any doubt about Emilia being a shopper or not, we had confirmation that she absolutely loves shopping when this past weekend we went on a shopping spree all together, the three of us! On Friday afternoon Rob left work a bit earlier than usual and we ventured to London shopping mecca, Piccadilly/Regent's Street. We first stopped at the Waterstones in Piccadilly; their children section is divine and Emilia was overwhelmed! She loved everything, from the books to the Christmas decorations, the circus tent, the pom poms and all the soft toys, especially the mini Miffy. She wandered around the shop screaming with excitement all the time. It was so cute to see her so happy!

We then headed to the wonderful Burberry flagship store in Regent's street and there we bought a nice jacket for Miss Emilia. She absolutely loved the store (well, who wouldn't?!) and was very happy to try on the jackets while admiring herself in the mirror and with the support of many female shop assistants. 

As we were having so much fun, we decided to extend our shopping trip a little big and started wandering around Soho. We eventually passed by Whole Foods and had to stop and get some corn bread! If only they had pumpkin pies, I think we would have bought at least three!

It was such a fun experience that we decided to do it all over again on Sunday, this time during day time and in the less crowded Canary Wharf mall. Here we had lunch at Wagamama where Emilia had her first go at using chopsticks (and wow she was good!), bought blue Hunter wellies for Emilia and waved hello to every single passer-by. Oh, and yes, we got a baloon!

Family days our ar so much fun! Even better if there is some shopping involved ;)

Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween at the Market

Originally we had planned to take the boat to Greenwich for the Halloween Fair at the market there, however, since Emilia is still not 100% recovered from the flu, we had to change plans yet again. Instead, we took a lovely stroll to our own Borough Market where the stalls were all dressed up for the occasion. We have been having a quite mild Autumn but the weather was particularly good today, the sky was blue, the sun was shining and it was hot hot hot (21 degrees!). Emilia was happy to go out after a full week being locked inside the flat, so she dressed up (doesn't she look cute in this dress and boots?!) and took pirate George with her for the ride. All in all it was a fun day out! And when we were not out we played in the flat with all the various pumpkins and the special edition Peppa's Halloween activity book, always a favorite in this house! What did you do? Did you go out trick or treating? 

Monday, 27 October 2014

Last Minute Indoor Halloween Fair

Yesterday we were supposed to go to the Horniman Museum and Gardens for an Halloween Fair. We love that place and when I saw that they had organized an Halloween Fair, I didn't hesitate a minute to tell Rob and Emilia. We were all very excited to go. Sadly, on Saturday evening Emilia got sick, with a very bad sore throat and a bit of temperature too. We had been talking for weeks about the Halloween Fair and now we couldn't go, how disappointing! In order to keep everyone sane spending an entire day at home with a sick and grumpy toddler, I brought the Halloween Fair home! We decorated pumpkins, made woodland inspired artworks and baked a delicious cinnamon bread with a super yummy chantilly cream. All in all it was a sweet Sunday full of family activities and fun! 

Saturday, 25 October 2014


This morning we went to the Unicorn Theatre to see Seesaw, a play designed for 2+ years old children all about the ups and downs of friendship. Emilia was captivated by what was going on on stage, a big sandpit with a wooden seesaw, and from the very first moment to the last one she was very focussed and with her eyes glued to the actors. It was interesting to see all the different reactions from the other kids, some were scared, some cried and had to leave, while others were very chatty and happy. At the end of the show kids were allowed to go and play in the sandpit, Emilia was a bit hesitant at first but then she took a little trip with Rob. When we got back home she talked and talked about all the kids she saw at the teatro (tanti bambini), the sand she played with, which is like the sabbia she played with at the mare in Italy with nonna Patty, and the rabbit, one of the characters on stage. Rob and I found the plot a bit too simple and were not really impressed but Emilia loved it and this is really what counts!