Saturday, 21 March 2015

A Day in King's Road

When Ilaria saw the pictures of our Little Artist's Afternoon Tea at the Gallery Mess of Saatchi Gallery a few weeks ago, she immediately asked me to book for when they were in town. So, on Monday afternoon we headed west to King's Road. While Ilaria and family visited the museum, Emilia and I wandered around the beautiful side streets of King's Road and then we all met to enjoy our afternoon tea. Emilia recognised the place as soon as we got in and asked for a babyccino straight away! The children had so much fun and it was beautiful to see them play together! 

UK Mother's Day

It was Mother's Day in the UK last Sunday and we celebrated with a nice day out. The night before, our friends Ilaria, Cristian and baby Tommaso arrived to London and Emilia was very excited to wake up and have breakfast with them. For the occasion, she gave me a sweet plant which I put straight on the breakfast table, isn't it beautiful?! 

After breakfast, we all headed to the Museum of London Docklands for some fun. We visited the museum, played hard at the Mudlarks, and then enjoyed a nice meal at the museum's restaurant. It was the perfect way to celebrate mother's day with my family and best friends! 

Diana Memorial Playground

Spring is still playing hard to get around here, however, we don't let the weather stop us and a couple of weeks ago we took Emilia to the Diana Memorial Playground in Kensington Gardens. The fact that it wasn't sunny and warm played to our advantage and surprisingly the playground was not full. We were prepared to queue for an hour or so while in fact we got there, opened the gate, et voila' inside we were! 

Emilia was in haven. She particularly loved the big pirate ship and she could have played with the sand all day long. She kept saying that she wanted to be at the beach! Can't wait to take her to the actual beach this Summer, she is going to have so much fun! 

Busy Bees!

Hello, folks! Apologies for the long silence. This must be one of the busiest times of my life. So many things have happened since my last post. Lots of things are going on at the moment and I will try to summarise what we have been up to here. 

First of all, this week marked the end of my time at King's College London; after ten years at King's, first as a PhD student and then as a researcher, needless to say, it was emotional to leave. And this is just one of the big changes we are facing these days. We have finally received a date for my interview at the American Embassy which means my/our time in London is also running out. I am an explosion of mixed feelings at the moment and sometimes it is just overwhelming. 

On a positive side, Rob and I have tried to be as *social* as possible and have enjoyed some dates, just the two of us, to explore some new places. First of all, I was super excited to have our first coffee at the newly opened London Grind. I have been lucky enough to enjoy great coffee at its sister cafe' near my office in Holborn, the Holborn Grind, and I had been eagerly awaiting for their opening in London Bridge. It's finally here and we have made it our local stop for good coffee. It is a edgy, incredibly cool place (the music played is epic!) and the coffee is just divine - not to mention the food directly sourced from Borough Market. 

Another new local place we had been wanting to go since its opening is the Sky Garden which we finally visited last week. The Sky Garden is an amazing public green space situated on the 37th floor of the newest skyscraper in the city. Thanks to the glass dome and its walkable area, visitors can enjoy enviable, 360 degree, views of London. We loved it. We first walked around the garden and then enjoyed a yummy meal in one of the restaurants. 

Meanwhile, I have also got to enjoy my very first fashion show with other lovely mums from the London Mothers Club. It was such a nice day and I am very happy I got to meet other London mums. Too bad I am leaving soon...

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Home activities

When mum and grandmum were in London, Emilia got to spend a lot of time inside the flat doing the things she loves the most: crafting, colouring, painting, baking and making pizza! Here are some pictures that capture some of the best moments these three ladies had together.

They had a lot of fun. And one day, Rob and I got home from work to find these lovely portraits that Emilia had made for us. Aren't they super cute?!

Thursday, 19 February 2015


On Tuesday we celebrated Carnevale. If we were in Italy, we would have no doubt gone to a dress-up party and we would have seen many little ones going around, dressed in their favourite heroes or Disney characters. Here in the UK, however, they don't celebrate Carnevale, so it was much quiter. What's Carnevale for us, it's Pancake Day for them and we tried to combine the two celebrations.

It was a gorgeous sunny day in London so we got ready and went out for a nice stroll. Emilia decided to be a ballerina for a day and was wearing a lovely tutu dress together with her Frozen magic wand. We made colourful masks and baked lots of traditional biscuits that we enjoyed for dessert together with lovely pancakes made by Rob. All in all it was a very "sweet" day!