Sunday, 3 May 2015

Friday Family Day

Last Friday Rob took off work to enjoy a full family day, so I planned not one, not two, but three activities to do together! It was such a nice day and we all loved going around London and exploring new parts we hadn't seen before. 

First, we went to the London Transport Museum, an absolute gem for kids. The museum is housed in a beautiful building (I want to say Victorian!?) in the heart of Covent Garden. The moment you enter you see how special this place is and you are captivated by everything that is going on there, from old horse carriages, busses, trains moving everywhere, wax figurines dressed up in costumes from the 19th century to the sixties and more. We had a peek inside the steam underground, went up to the old double decks and had a go at driving taxis and busses! 

We had a lot of fun and it was tough to convince Emilia that it was time to go. Thankfully, we had more fun on the agenda for the day. So we headed to Coram's Fields, a nice playground close to Russel Square with picnic areas, designated play areas for toddlers and older children, and a little farm. When we got there we first had a picnic lunch and then off we went to play hard! 

Again, it wasn't easy to take Emilia away from all this fun but we promised her to go somewhere even nicer! So we headed to the nearby Charles Dickens' house museum. The museum is a lovely Georgian terraced house in Bloomsbury and is full of authentic furniture, paintings, rare books and memorabilia that belonged to the writer and his family. At the entrance Emilia was given a paper reproduction of the house with all the rooms and she had lots of fun matching the paper pictures with the real rooms. She loved walking around the house, she admired the furniture, the curtains, the fireplaces (one fireplace for each room!) and she really liked meeting the hedgehog in the kitchen - she said hello and bye to him! I thought it was a very cute museum and while I loved wandering around the house to see how they used to live back then, I particularly found the walk in the small back garden very relaxing. 

From there we walked all the way back home, Emilia fell asleep in her stroller, tired but happy! I wish we could enjoy more family days like this during the week! 

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