Monday, 2 February 2015

Tower Bridge Exhibition

Sadly, the past weekend we couldn't do much of the activities we had planned. Rob had a bad cold and it was rather cold and windy outside. So we thought it was wiser to stay warm at home the whole day on Saturday. We had some indoor activities, baked some cornbread and watched the very first cartoon together, Frozen! All in all, it was a cosy Saturday in. Sunday, however, we opted to go out for a local stroll and I suggested visiting the Tower Bridge. We have been living in the area for over ten years, we cross the bridge on a daily basis, however, we had never been interested in visiting it inside. At least, until a few months ago when they revealed the new glass walkways. So, on Sunday morning, despite the low temperatures and wind, we walked to the entrance of the Tower Bridge Exhibition and finally went up to the very top of the towers. And boy did we love it! Now, look at the pictures and tell me it is not super cool! Emilia liked it so much that she asked if we could go again today! 

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