Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Saatchi Gallery and the Little Artist's Afternoon Tea

I love weekends and I love getting around this beautiful city.

When we first heard the news that Rob was being transferred to Washington DC, needless to say, we (and especially me!) felt a bit unsettled. We love London, are quite happy here and the change felt like something too big to cope with. However, with time, we came to appreciate the potential fun that comes with the move as well. It will no doubt be difficult to move to a new city, get familiar with a different system but it is also exciting to think about how our new home will look like, what are the things we are going to see, and who are the people we will call new friends? It has also been very helpful to have some time to digest the news and adjust to the change. Back in July, when we started the process for my visa application, we thought that the move was imminent and would happen by March 2015. Well, it's February now and we are still here and do not really know when we will be moving. This means that we have more time to enjoy London and get to see and do things that after ten years are still on our TO-DO list!

The weather on Sunday was just glorious, perfect for what we had planned to do. Late in the morning we headed West and visited the beautiful Saatchi Gallery

Emilia was ecstastic! I was a bit on edge...I thought she was going to break something and we would have had to pay thousands of pounds for it! Saatchi Gallery is not really a place tailored at kids, there is no dedicated area for little ones but they are encouraged to walk free and enjoy all the art around them. So, we took Emilia out of her stroller and she wandered around the gallery as she pleased. She absolutely loved it and so did we. The gallery is beautiful, the building itself is rather nice, very airy and relaxing. 

Having nourished the soul, we then moved to the cafe', the Gallery Mess, where we had booked a table for an Afternoon Tea for us adults and a Little Artist's Afternoon Tea for Emilia. I had read about this on the London Mothers Club blog just a few days before and I so wanted to take Emilia there. I knew she would love it and also I thought it would be nice to have a proper afternoon tea with Rob too!
So, while Rob and I stuffed our face with all sorts of sweet and sour things and sipped a lovely cup of Earl Gray, Emilia was given a babyccino (oh, was she excited to have her own cappuccino! Just like mamma, she kept saying!), a couple of sandwiches and a cupcake to decorate with fresh fruit and sprinkles! Needless to say, the colourful sprinkles were a huge hit!

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