Wednesday, 18 February 2015

One More Time!

When people heard we were leaving London, they started booking dates to come and visit us straight away. September, October and November were busy months with lots of visitors in the Otremba/Asciutti house. Everyone wanted one last trip to London and everyone wanted to come and see us in London one more time. Originally, we thought we would leave London around December, hence all the visits in Autumn. Things, however, have been progressing very slowly with my visa application and we are still here. So, we are now experiencing a second phase of booking! 

A little while ago, my mum told me that she would have liked to take grandmum to London one more time before our move. As our babysitter is holidaying in Italy at the moment, we thought this would be a great time for them to come and visit us, and offer a little bit of help as well. So, they arrived last Thursday and will be staying until Saturday. We kicked off their stay with a yummy lunch at Hixter last Friday. We knew they would appreciate the iconic chicken! Grandmum loved it and even played a bit with the bird's feet...while Emilia took part in the art competition (no doubt, she will win, right!?!). 

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