Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Science Museum and Natural History Museum

So, while on Saturday we went East, on Sunday we headed West and while we promised rabbits on Saturday, on Sunday we told Emilia she would see dynosaurs!  Needless to say, she was excited.

On Saturday morning we took the tube from Tower Hill to South Kensington and visited not one but two museums in the area, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum.
Rob and I had never been to the Science Museum, so we spent a considerable amount of time there and Emilia was overwhelmed and fascinated by all the computers around, each of which featured a different technology. Like the Museum of London Docklands, the Science Museum also has a designated area for little ones and we took Emilia there first. She particularly liked the magnetic puzzle, although, she didn't want to follow the rules dictated by the museum's worker and went on to make not a puzzle but an artistic creation instead :)

After what felt like forever, we eventually exited the museum and walked to the Natural History Museum. We patiently queued for a bit and finally we were inside, admiring the beautiful and majestic dynosaur that welcomes visitors at the main entrance. Emilia was entranced! The museum was very busy and we were getting tired so we didn't really spend a lot of time here but we will be back...in the meantime, we bought Emilia a cute book featuring the Queen and her dog's visit to the museum, which we have been reading at every nap and bed time since Sunday! 

Overall it was a rather tiring weekend but a quite nice one too, and we are already planning our next weekend's activities! It's nice to be able to be a tourist in your own city and London has so much to offer to everyone, even for peole who have been around for more than ten years like us!

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