Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Bank Holiday Monday

The Bank Holiday weekend ended in a wonderful way! We spent the whole afternoon wandering around our area and discovering places we had never been before. We live in zone 1, in a very central location and yet, just a few minutes off the beaten path we are immersed in a wonderful park. It felt like beeing in the countryside. We all loved it. 

Our friends Katharina and Bereshad, and of course their son Elias, Emilia's best friend (dare I say lover?!) showed us the way to Surrey Docks farm through a lovely Ecological Park. The farm is just a forty minute walk from our flat and just on the other side of the new city district of Canary Wharf. The views were spectacular. 


You know how much I love taking Emilia to the farm, I have blogged about it before. Usually, we go to Hackney City Farm but this one is even bigger, nicer and closer! We first took a tour of the farm where we saw pigs and piglets, donkeys, cows and goats. Then we moved to the vegetable garden where I showed to Emilia all the different vegetables. She loves her greens so she was quite interested. And finally, we sat at the lovely cafe' and enjoyed a drink. 


Walking home took quite some time as the kids wanted to walk on their own. It was so cute to see them interact and when their little legs got tired, they found rest in their strollers while still holding hands...


Before heading home, since we were all having a great time, we stopped at a local pub. The owners have a little toddler themselves so the beer garden is very baby friendly and Elias and Emilia certainly enjoyed all the toys while we chatted and sipped some nice Pimm's and refreshing beers! 


What a lovely time we had. I can't wait for the next Bank Holiday weekend!!

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