Monday, 12 May 2014

My special time with "Aso"

From Wednesday night to Sunday afternoon we had special guests: Ilaria, Cristian and baby Tommaso, or zia Aia, zio Chisctas and Aso, as Emilia call them, came to see us in London. Before the arrival of Tommaso, Ilaria and Cristian used to visit us twice a year; last time they were in London Ilaria was four months pregnant and now they were back with their beautiful six-month-old son! We were all looking forward to spending some time together and introducing London to Tommaso. Rob and I are Tommaso's godparents and Emilia is particularly fond of her little friend/cousin. We knew we were in for a great time! 

They landed in Stansted on Wednesday night at 23.20 and by 1.00 they were in our flat. When I saw Tommaso I melted! He is so cute and despite being tired from the flight, he kept smiling at me. We had borrowed a travel crib from a friend and put it in the second bedroom. It was a bit tight but cosy! And Tommaso seemed to like the new environment. 

The morning after, when Emilia woke up and heard Tommaso's voice, she hurriedly ran to their room. She was so excited! We had been talking about Tommaso's arrival for weeks and finally he was here! She loves him and kept cuddling with him, hugging and kissing him. What I loved the most about her behaviour was that she didn't show any kind of jealousy, in fact, quite the opposite. She showed him around, offered him her food and toys and if we were not giving him enough attention, she invited us to hold him and play with him. She was such a cutie. Something tells me that she will ask for a brother or sister at some point soon...


After playing a bit in the house, we got ready and headed east to Westfield City at Sratford for some shopping. The weather was horrible so we spent most of the day in the shopping centre. The kids were exceptionally good and we were able to relax, enjoy a nice meal and buy some cute things. Emilia loved the Lego store and it was difficult to get her out of there! Another passion she shares with her father :)


Friday the weather was a bit better so we decided to stroll in our area, introduce "Obop" to Tommaso, showed him around and then we went back to the little church by the gherkin for some fun. We all had a great time and Tommaso became Thomas. I love that place! 


Saturday morning we had tickets to go and see Sensacional at the Unicorn Theatre. Sadly, we couldn't take pictures during the show but I was still able to snap one!

The show is intended for 18 months old+ so needless to say Tommaso was the youngest in the audience! However, even Emilia was quite little to fully appreciate it and interact with the dancer and all the wonderful things that were going on. She mostly stayed closer to the edge and only occasionally braved into the platform. However, she took the role of the narrator and explained to everyone what was going on (of course, in Italian, so nobody could really understand her. Nonetheless, they laughed!): sole, bolle, fiore, acqua, qua qua, pesce and so on...). After the show we went to a local pub for a refreshing drink, Pimm's for the girls and beer for the boys. Emilia loved it too and kept playing with the barman and the waitresses. You really know you are in England when pubs have highchairs for kids! 


Needless to say there were tears on Sunday afternoon. If only we could live closer...However, we know how special our friendship is and we treasure every single moment we can spend together. We can't wait to see you guys in Pescara soon. We miss you already!


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