Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Shy in the office

Some of Rob's colleagues from New York are in London and since they wanted to meet Emilia, yesterday afternoon I took her to the office. The moment we walked into the building she became the shyest kid in town. She barely looked at them and said absolutely nothing. One girl tried to hold her but after ten seconds she stretched her arms towards me: Mummy, save me, please! We spent about fifteen minutes with them at the reception and the exact moment they said goodbye Emilia got smiley and chatty again. Rob got a bit frustrated and asked Emilia not to be as shy as him and try to be as sociable and smiley as mummy instead. I think it is absolutely normal that kids get a bit cold towards people they don't know. In fact, perhaps it's a good thing (stranger danger!). However, the funny thing is that this rule doesn't apply all the time for Emilia. Sometime we are at the park and she runs towards strangers and starts chatting with them and doesn't want to leave them. Yesterday at the office, for example, she was very fond of the doorman and kept playing with him. I suppose she needs to get the right vibe from people and these New Yorkers were not impressing her! :) 

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