Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Nonna and Nonna Grande

My mum and grandmum were in town for a few days; they arrived on Thursday night and left this morning. The main purpose of this trip was to allow Rob and me to enjoy a nice weekend away in occasion of Rob's birthday (more on this later), however, every excuse is good to come and spend some time with their beloved Emilia! They love Emilia and Emilia loves them. She refers to my mum as Nonna Patty and to my grandmum as Nonna Grande or Nonna Nilde. One of the great things about Emilia is that she has never suffered from stranger anxiety nor separation anxiety so the moment we told her that we were leaving she simply smiled at us and waved good-bye. How adorable is that? Rob and I were only away for three days but we missed her terribly. Of course we relaxed and enjoyed every single minute of our little getaway but Emilia was constantly in our thoughts. 

This is in pictures what she did with mum and grandmum while we were away. Please note, if possible, my mum takes even more pictures of Emilia than I do! 

Thanks ladies for keeping her so excited, stimulated, entertained and happy. You rock! 

1. Church Playgroup


2. Strolls

3. Colouring in

4. Making pasta

5. Relaxing in bed


6. Reading


7. Playing hard

8. Playing music (rock star style!)


9. Getting wet at the fountains


10. Walking


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