Saturday, 11 January 2014

The weekend begins

Weekends have always been great, something to look forward to after a long week at work. Now that I have a family, however, weekends have become more special. While Saturday and Sunday mornings are no longer days to sleep in (Emilia doesn't know the difference between a work day and a weekend day yet! And she always wakes up around 7.30am, no matter what day of the week it is), the weekend has become the moment for the three of us to enjoy some good, family time together. 

Last night Rob and I kicked off the weekend ordering some sushi in and watching a sweet comedy on tv, New Year's Eve. If you haven't seen it and are up for something romantic, easy and entertaining, go ahead and watch it. It's no masterpiece but you know, after a full week juggling between work and baby, you don't want to stress your brain too much! It was nice for the two of us to have a relaxing evening, everyone needs a rest every now and then. Today, instead, was all about the family. We had an amazing day in London, the sun was shining in the blue sky and we had to go out. Emilia was very happy to get out and brought her best friend Peppa along. So, in reality, we are a family of four! 


The highlight of the day out was brunch at Le Pain Quotidien at Canary Wharf. Emilia loved it and didn't want to leave.


And after a bit of food shopping we went back home where the three of us napped for over an hour! And then, Emilia was in full energy until bed time. She was all over the place and when she ran out of options, she jumped into her little baby pram and loved being pushed around the flat by her daddy. 


Life is definitely more hectic and more challenging now that we have Emilia but she fills our days with so much love that I could never imagine going back to a couple of years ago. It would be less chaotic, yes, but also rather boring!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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