Thursday, 9 January 2014

First Play Date of 2014

As an only child I have always surrounded myself with lots of friends. I like to be with and around people. When I had to go back to work after my maternity leave, Rob and I debated for a bit whether to put Emilia in a nursery or not. In the end, we opted for a nanny. There are pros and cons for both situations, as everything else in life. However, we felt more comfortable to leave our five-month-old precious little girl at home with a dedicated person who could look after her and give her all the attention she needed. Considering that she does spend a lot of time alone with her nanny, and otherwise with us, I think it is essential that she sees people, and in particular small people like her, on a regular basis to develop her social skills. I have to say, Emilia is a quite sociable baby and doesn't seem to have issues with strangers and sharing her things. But it's up to us, the parents, to make sure that things stay this way. 

So, while we wait until the usual activities start again (e.g. classical concerts, softplay, music classes, gardening, swimming...) we kicked off the new year with a play date with our local and very good friends Katharina and baby Elias. Emilia and Elias were born pretty much at the same time and have been regularly seeing each other since they were one month old. I love spending time with Katharina, we have so much in common (she is an academic like me and we both share a visceral passion for Libya), have a similar vision on how to raise our children, and can talk about pretty much everything; and I believe Elias and Emilia enjoy each other's company too. And they recognise each other now, which is very cute. When we arrived at Katharina's, Elias pointed at Emilia and Emilia looked at him and screamed baby! She was so excited to play with her little friend and I was happy to eat all of Katharina's delicious Christmas biscuits! :)


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