Saturday, 18 January 2014

Southbank Activities

The weather has been quite mild in London which is encouraging us to go out more and more. We live in a lovely area and we know we should make the most of it while we are here. We won't be in central London for the rest of our lives (sadly!). So, when Rob asked me what we could do this weekend, I suggested a nice stroll along the river, the Southbank, and a visit to the Royal Festival Hall. We had been there before but not with Emilia and it is a very baby friendly place. So, we planned our little day out.

Emilia is getting more and more excited to go out. When I dress her up, she knows it's because we are going out and she gets euphoric. She is a very sociable baby and I am happy about it. 

The riverside stroll from our flat to the Southbank is beautiful and still one of my favourite parts of London. There is so much to see and there is always something going on: food stalls, markets, musicians, street artists, skateboarders, eccentrics, weirdos, you name it. There is something for every type and taste. Emilia was particularly fascinated by the musicians and I have to say, some of them were really good. On the other hand, she wasn't too impressed by the Transformer guy.


When we got to the Royal Festival Hall it was almost lunch time and we were all getting rather peckish. So we browsed the options and eventually picked a Mexican restaurant. I brought fruit along for Emilia but she absolutely adored the tortillas. She ate four but could have had hundreds! And she was very good and well behaved. She even flirted a bit with our waiter :) Rob and I enjoyed our nachos and burritos and when it was time to go we had to convince Emilia that there was something else to do, equally fun, outside the restaurant. It's nice to see that she enjoys eating out and we are more relaxed about taking her out for lunch now. 


As I said above, the Royal Festival Hall is a very good place for babies to hang out. I love that even the cafe has a kid's corner and there are little tables for kids everywhere. 

And it's very cool too. There is always something artistic going on. We loved walking through the pink magic village. 


The Royal Festival Hall is hosting Imagine, a children's festival, in February. We will be back!

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