Thursday, 16 January 2014

Something to be proud of!

Prepare yourself, this is kind of an odd topic. 

Rob and I are not the kind of parents who like to brag about their kids, in fact, we are quite the opposite. However, there is one thing in particular we are very proud of about Emilia. 
A few days after she turned one, Emilia started telling us when she had to go to the toilet. Literally, and the Italians will understand what I mean here, she would say *cacca cacca*. We were excited about the news but in reality we didn't do anything. Every time she told us that she was about to make a poo, we would look at her, encourage her, and say brava! I don't know why we behaved that way,  perhaps we didn't quite believe her or we were simply being lazy. Being a parent is hard work and sometimes it is just easier to be lazy and wait for things to just happen, whenever that might be. But thankfully, Emilia kept insisting. I credit my parents for this. They started showing Emilia where you are supposed to make a poo and what happens next (e.g. wipe and flush) since she was very very little. She was intrigued and it paid off. You think babies don't listen to you and are in their little, tiny, baby world free of any concern, but in fact, they do observe you and everything you do; they absorb what they have ingested and sooner than you know they try to imitate you. So, at some point I decided it was time to take action and it worked out very well for everyone involved. I can say today that Emilia has been making a poo in the toilet for the last month and a half, precisely since she turned 15 months old. And we even skipped the potty phase, which I personally think is disgusting! Why would you want to have your child make a poo in a pot, mess it all up, and mess yourself up, while there is something so genius as a toilet? Your child does her business there and with a simple flush everything disappear. Done, no dirt involved. I actually bought a toddler toilet seat before Emilia turned one and have been showing it to her since then. So, perhaps, I deserve some props too. It was hanging in the toilet and every time she saw it she would say the magic word, cacca. So, we haven't changed a dirty diaper in a long time and let's hope it stays this way. We live in a luxurious life now and it would be hard to go back! As for number one, I am not sure when Emilia will be able to understand that she is about to go pee pee, however, she knows what it is. My plan is to wait until Spring, when the weather will be a bit milder, and then I'll keep her in her undies in the house and start with the pee training. Fingers crossed. But for now, I am a very proud mummy.

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