Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The girl is alright!

As some of you may have heard, we had a little accident on Sunday evening: Emilia fell from her highchair. Needless to say, it was very scary and a big wake up call from Rob and I who will now try to be even more careful. However, certain things are about to happen anyway.

I was cooking and Emilia was in the kitchen with me, sitting and playing on her highchair, as usual. Rob was in the other room watching football. She was very close to me and I kept an eye on her until I turned for two seconds to throw the cherry tomatoes in the pan and I heard the bang noise. When I turned around, I couldn't believe what I saw, she way lying on the floor, crying. How did that happen? Thankfully, I keep very calm in these situations, so I immediately went to her and gently hugged her trying to console her. Rob came to the room and noticed that there was blood on the floor. Panic. Her nose was bleeding and some blood dripped while I lifted her to hold her close to me. We immediately put cotton and cold water in her nose. We moved to the bedroom and she comfortably laid on the bed. She cried for a bit but I have to say, she was so strong. Thankfully, the nose stopped bleeding very soon and Emilia started smiling at us, kind of to say: "I am alright, don't you worry". We checked that her arms and legs were moving fine, together with the neck and the rest of the bones and muscles. Sooner than we imagined, she was back to her usual self. 

After a quick check with the doctor over the phone, we agreed that it wasn't necessary to take her to hospital. We only needed to monitor her behaviour for 24-48 hours. For two nights one of us slept in the room with her just to check that she was breathing fine. Otherwise, I am very happy to say that she is absolutely fine. And funny, as usual. Yesterday morning she was brushing her teeth, right after breakfast, and look what she did to make me smile? The girl is a comedian!

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