Friday, 2 August 2013

11 months!

Emilia turns 11 months today! 

voila, I can stand!
can you see my two tiny tiny teeth?!
hard to believe I turn 11 months old today!
Thankfully, I don't work on Fridays, which means I could spend the whole day with the birthday girl. We were home in the morning and didn't do too much since Emilia slept for two hours from 10.00 to 12.00 (not complaining!). But then, we spent the whole afternoon outside with our friends Katharina and little Elias. The weather was lovely and we took a nice stroll to Rotherhite Village. We first stopped at a local pub to have some lunch. The owners of the pub have a nine months old girl, so babies are welcome! They have a sweet little garden where we had lunch and Katharina was entertaining the kids with some good, old German stories. 

We then went to a nearby park, had a coffee at a lovely cafe' and played on the grass. As usual, we had a great time together, Elias and Emilia are really growing together and they are so cute when they try to communicate with each other. I wonder if they can really understand each other when they say: oh-uh, uh-oh! They are super super sweet! 


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  1. Che bei sorrisi...sempre allegra e sempre piu' bella...cresce bene!
    Buon complemese piccolina!