Monday, 29 July 2013

Yes, I can!

Emilia cannot crawl and perhaps she never will. Until a few days ago, she absolutely hated being on her tummy, which means that every time we tried to put her on her tummy to encourage her to crawl, she would scream and cry. Now, things have changed and she even sleeps on her tummy. Weird. However, she is still not capable nor willing to crawl. She can roll, she can go back, a sort of lobster-crawling, but she cannot go forward. I am not really too concerned about this as I know that not every baby crawls; I, for example, never did, according to my parents and went straight to standing and walking. Perhaps, Emilia is taking it after her mummy. Today, however, we had a play date with Emilia's good friend Elias and when they got together, while Emilia was happy to be seated and enjoyed playing with her toys from her position, Elias was all over the place. It took Emilia a few minutes before she realised what was going on but when she did a look of determination appeared on her face, sort of: I can do it too! It was so cute to see her trying so hard to crawl. And she didn't cry or make a fuss about it, she just tried to move, and in the end, she did crawl a bit. This made me realise that Emilia needs to interact more with other babies, from observation, and admiration, come imitation! 

Anyway, these two kids are too cute together. We joke that they are boyfriend and girlfriend, although, now that the royal baby is out, we like to think that Prince George Alexander Louis is Emilia's future husband! :)


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