Saturday, 3 August 2013

Pub and playground go together like sausage and mash!

Today we had another great day in London. The sun was shining (still is, in fact!), the sky was blue and the temperature was just perfect! Despite the fact that it's Saturday, Rob had to work, so we couldn't do too much, however, we couldn't stay inside the flat all day! Thankfully, our friends Ryan, Leslie and the kids were wandering around our area, so we met up with them, walked to Rotherhite Village, visited the oldest pub on the Thames, the lovely Mayflower, and hit the playground where we all had great fun!

Today Emilia experienced two new things: a typical English pub and the swing! Here are two things I would have never thought to put together! Not sure about the pub, but she absolutely loved the swing. I predict more visits to the playground...

I'll have whatever he is having!

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