Monday, 5 August 2013

Aunt Rachel is "in da house"!

Rob's sister, Rachel, arrived to London yesterday morning and has been playing with Emilia and giving her all the attention she needs from the first minute she walked into the flat. Thankfully, Emilia didn't go through the original *stranger-danger* phase and welcomed her sweet auntie with a lovely smile! It may have helped that Rachel literally showered her with gifts, but it is clear anyway that she loves her aunt and enjoys playing with her.

So, Rachel arrived yesterday morning. After playing a bit, we had a quick lunch and then we left the flat to allow Rachel to rest a bit and get over her jet-lag. Emilia, Rob and I walked to St. Katherine's Docks to do some food shopping and I had to take some pictures. The weather was gorgeous and I love wandering around the docks. Don't you just love this area? I wish we could have hopped onto our own boat!


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