Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Getting Old is Fun!

Today I turn 34 years old. No matter how old you are, it's impossible not to enjoy all the attention, the celebration, the calls, the texts, the Facebook messages, the photos, the wishes from all over the world. Today I received about 100 messages of birthday wishes, some really touched me and made my day: an old friend from university reached out to wish me a happy birthday and described me as one of the most spectacular people he had ever met, now, that is a birthday message! Another friend called me "princess", well, I kind of felt like a princess today, I definitely felt all the love from all the people I love. Thank you ever so much. And since some of you have asked how I celebrated this birthday, here is the story. 

Rob and I had a celebratory lunch at the new restaurant on the ever so cool Shard, Oblix.The place is so popular and in demand at the moment that the only available slot we could find for the entire week for Monday at 1.30pm. The food was amazing but what makes the place cool is by far the spectacular views over the city. London is gorgeous from the 32nd floor! To welcome us at the entrance were beautiful flower arrangements that reminded me a lot of our wedding flower arrangements, a lovely touch. Rob and I both had grilled tiger prawns and they were the biggest prawns we had ever seen, in fact, for a minute, we thought we were being served lobster by mistake! I also had a Martini Americano that went straight to my head! I am not really used to drinking cocktails at lunch but I thought I had to have one on my birthday...I think it will have to be another year before I'll have something this strong in the middle of the day!


Another cool aspect of the restaurant is the open kitchen where several chefs are frenetically working as busy bees to make their clients happy. And I enjoyed looking at them.

Overall, it was a lovely way to kick off the birthday celebration. 
On the actual day of my birthday, today, I didn't do much but I really enjoyed the company of my family. Rob joined me for lunch near my office and my mum, Rob and I had a lovely Mexican dinner cooked by Rob tonight. For the first time after a month, this morning I held Emilia in my arms and it felt so good. I still need to be careful lifting things, especially heavy little humans that like to kick! But I had to pick her up today. It was the best gift I could have asked for. And speaking of gifts, thanks ever so much for the cards and the presents. Even Emilia came to my bed this morning with a card and a nice bunch of pink flowers - the girl has got some good taste! :)


It's almost midnight, my birthday is almost over. Some people don't enjoy celebrations but I do. I have celebrated every single year of my life, sometimes with big parties, other times with more intimate affairs. But as long as I'll live, I am sure I'll be getting excited about my big day, the cards, the presents, the attention, the love, and the candles on the cake. Getting old is fun!

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