Saturday, 13 July 2013

Fun Under the Sun!

As the nice weather keeps rolling in London, we are trying to spend as much time as possible outside - before you know it, it will be rainy, cold and grey again! So today we walked to one of our favourite lunch spots in the area, the one and only Nando's (yes, you heard it right!), enjoyed a delicious meal while Emilia played with her colourful cubes, and then crossed the Millenium Bridge to do some shopping at the One Change Mall to take advantage of the sales - I left with two sweet stripey dresses!

Emilia loved Nandos and had a great time wandering around the Southbank, where we were constantly entertained by musicians and street artists. By far my favourite gig was two guys from Moldova playing the accordion and percussion; their music was so genuine, authentic and fun that I could have stayed there to listen to them, clap my hands, and dance for the entire day. 
There was such a cool energy around today. Again, I love you London!


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