Tuesday, 9 July 2013

She is back!

My mum is back with us and we couldn't be happier and more grateful! 

This is the third time she has flown to London over the last month. First, she came at the beginning of June to help Rob with Emilia while I was in Barcelona for work, then again in mid June to be with us during and after my surgery, and now to help us once again since I am still recovering from the surgery. I feel for her, her job is quite challenging and she usually looks forward to the Summer break to rest a little. Now she hasn't had a break since her school closed for the Summer and won't be having much of a holiday this Summer because of us. But this is what mothers do, right? At least this is what special mothers do and I couldn't be more grateful. 

As tradition now, she has brought some fresh fruit from the garden, this time we introduced Emilia to figs. Oh, I LOVE figs, I can eat so many of those delicious green things and today I literally attacked the fruit bowl. You know you are getting old when you eat a fig and immediately go down to memory lane - I could even see my parents' garden and smell the flowers and hear the cats! Anyway, Emilia was very intrigued by this new fruit, she especially liked the consistency and how sticky the inside bit is. She also seemed to like the taste - like mother, like daughter. Although, Rob loves figs too, so it must be something that runs in the family. 

To celebrate the arrival of nonna Patrizia we went to the park and spent the whole afternoon there. The weather was once again glorious and we had a very relaxing and fun time. Emilia played with her favourite toys and found a new accessorize, grandmum's gigantic sunglasses! I love London even more when it's sunny and we have family around.



  1. Emilia looks gorgeous!!! Salutami mamma!!!

  2. Quanto siete belle tutte e tre insieme!