Sunday, 21 July 2013


My mum left and this time she is not coming back. After more than a month with us, she finally went back home. Of course, it was sad to see her go but I was happy for her because she is going to get some much deserved rest now that she is home. Needless to say, we will miss her terribly and she will miss us, mostly Emilia, terribly but thankfully we are going to Pescara in just three weeks and then we will all be together again. 

My mum left our flat at 1.35pm and thankfully we were invited to a bbq at Steph and Andrew's which helped us face the solitude and emptiness left by my mum. So, we packed our things, took a taxi, and headed to the West End. The weather was once again great in London and we had an amazing time playing with the kids, eating a feast, and enjoying the sunshine. Emilia was very calm and relaxed too which helped us enjoy the afternoon with our friends. She wasn't a fan of the slide but otherwise she was pretty content.We need more of these gatherings!


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