Friday, 26 July 2013

Work and Fun

Work can be fun, sometimes. Wednesday morning I had to wake up very early (this is not the fun part, of course!) to catch a flight to Amsterdam for a work meeting. The meeting, however, was in Tilburg, about an hour an a half by train from Amsterdam. On the way we saw lots of land and farms, and that's about it! The weather was absolutely lovely, blue sky and warm. It was only a two-day meeting but it was very productive and I am glad I went. 

In Tilburg we stayed in a very sweet hotel, a sort a cottage in the middle of a forest. And we could walk through the forest to reach Tilburg University, where the meeting was being held. Definitely a  change of scenery from the city life in London.


It's worldwide known that in Holland, if you are a local, instead of walking, you bike. Look at this bike park, it gives you an idea of how many pedestrians or cars are around in Tilburg!

 And we were lucky to be in town during the biggest fun fair in the whole Country. Needless to say, we had to wander around. It was so much fun! See, academics can have fun too!


When I got back to London, I rushed home hoping to see Emilia before bed-time. And thankfully, she was still up when I got home. So, I gave her some little things I bought for her, and she loved everything. We played together and then I wished her good-night. It had only been two days but I terribly missed her!

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