Monday, 22 October 2012

I wish...

Usually my wish list is full of designer handbags and shoes, now what I really wish for is to be able to spend three nights of uninterrupted sleep in one of these hotels:

1. The Big Sleep Hotel, Eastbourne because I just love everything with an Orla Kiely print.

2. nhow hotel, Berlin for its excessive and serene use of pinkness.

3. Brody House, Budapest for its art collection

4. Les Source de Caudalie, Bordeaux. The Ile Aux Oiseaux Suite is to die for.

While the chance of sleeping in any of these hotels in the next few days is very little, thankfully, I will still be able to get some sleep thanks to my mum visiting in ten days. Please don't judge me but I cannot wait to close my bedroom door for a couple of nights and forget about night feeds...

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