Monday, 22 October 2012

7 weeks

Today Emilia is seven weeks old and is growing and growing. She is every day more and more alert and likes playing, dancing and singing with mummy and daddy. She is starting to show an interest in toys and really needs a lot of attention!

This week we both had our six-week post-natal check and while I am super happy to report that everything is going well with the little babe, unfortunately I cannot say the same for her mama. First of all, I have a urinary track infection, for which the GP has prescribed me antibiotics. I started taking them right away and things are already getting better. The very bad news, however, is that I seem to have an abdominal hernia and most probably I will need to undergo an operation to remove it. I am very unhappy about this for many reasons: the bulge in my stomach that makes me look pregnant still, the discomfort, the anesthesia and the two-week recovery. It won't be easy to take care of a baby while trying to recover myself. I have made an appointment with the GP for the end of November to check how things are going and if necessary they will refer me to a specialist to see if and when I will need an operation. Let's hope the hernia will somehow absorb itself so that I won't need surgery, that would be the best Christmas gift I could ask for. 

And speaking of gifts, we had company on Saturday. Our good friend Amy came to meet Emilia for the first time and brought me a beautiful bunch of flowers *for giving birth*, she said! It was very nice of her. We had a lovely day, Rob made us pancakes for brunch and Emilia was adorable the whole time. I wanted to take a picture of Emi with Amy but she was asleep pretty much the whole time! Quite unusual for her. This is the only photo I was able to take before she closed her eyes completely.

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  1. Vale! You poor thing!! Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery and let me know if need anything. xx