Tuesday, 23 October 2012

BCG vaccination

This morning Emilia had her first vaccination (BCG - against tubercolosis) and she was a trouper. We left the house very early to allow all the necessary time to walk to the baby clinic. We got there fifteen minutes before our appointment and I am glad we did because the clinic was still rather empty at that time and we didn't have to wait at all; after we were done, the waiting room got super busy with mums and little babies all waiting for the vaccination. 
Emilia was smiling all the time until the needle went in! Of course I expected her to cry but thankfully it wasn't too bad and after a nice feed she went back to smiling. And we even made friends! Bernie, our lovely health visitor, introduced us to a nice German mum and her little boy who live very close to us. We chatted for a bit and will meet up for a coffee soon. 

When we got home I put Emilia on the swing and took a short video (I know how much you all love the videos!) to show you how calm she was, despite the vaccination.

In the afternoon we went out again for a short stroll. It was a nice Autumn day and I loved walking around the area with my little girl. I love the colours these days and the crisp air.

And as a reward for behaving so well all day Emilia found a package waiting for her at home. The big package was from our wonderful friends Jen and Trent and it was full of cool items: an owl pillow, month markers, snack cups, a blanket, a shawl bib, a pink sleep sack, green ballet slippers, a floral top, leggings and romper, brown leather shoes, I love daddy onesie and *Where the wild things are* book. Have a look.

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  1. Are we sure that was a vaccination? She seems to me full of energy!!!
    What a beautiful gifts, the owl has two nice eyes!
    ( Ciao Jen!)