Saturday, 25 August 2012

Labour Signs

Still here with no baby, folks!

At the antenatal class, back in July, among many other things, they talked about labour signs. Yesterday, I took the chart they gave us to see if I am getting close or not. Apparently, these things could happen before labour kicks in. I have added my status in the last column.

Of course, every woman reacts in a different way and not everybody experiences all these signs. 
I seem to be having some of these but definitely not the most important ones. Does it mean that there is still quite a long way to go?? Hope not.

Meanwhile, mum and Rob are getting more and more anxious and forcing me to do things that are supposed to speed up the process. I am adding chilly oil to every meal I eat these days and take a little stroll in the area at least once a day. My mum is also making me take the stairs up and down when we go out. Six floors of stairs people, six floors! If that doesn't induce labour, what will?

This morning my mum and I went out a little. It was a nice, crisp day in London. Once back home we took a couple of pictures...hopefully the last ones with the bump! And as you can see, pink flowers are a must these days! We are getting there...Stay tuned.

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