Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Midwife appointment

Apologies for the silence, I realise that when I don't write for a couple of days, you all think something has happened! Many of you have asked me to write more regularly, so here we go. And I thought I was bombarding you with news already...

I have just got back from a midwife appointment and everything is going well. Mama and baby are doing great. She did the usual checks and everything is fine; this time, she also asked me if I wanted a membrane sweep and I said yes. Without going into details (I doubt you want to hear them!), it looks like something is indeed happening. Of course, this doesn't mean that I will give birth today, although it could happen, but at least it's good to know that things are progressing as they should. 

Meanwhile, I try to live my life without being too impatient, and enjoy the nice spells of sun that we have been having these days in London. 
This morning my mum and I left the flat around 9.30 and went to a local cafe' for a delicious breakfast. We chatted for almost two hours. It's so nice to have her here, I don't get to spend so much quality time with her usually. I miss that, but that's part of the burden of living abroad, I suppose. After breakfast we strolled to the More London Place, where all the little fountains are, and enjoyed watching all the kids playing with the water. It was endearing to see all those little kids and all I could think of was baby O. Next Summer we will play with the fountains too!

I felt particularly good strolling around this morning and feel very lucky to live in such a great area, in such a cool city. 

All the walking, however, made me tired. It's time for me to rest a little now. But before I go I want to thank you for all your support! I know you are thinking of me and baby O and feel blessed to have such good friends and family. Grazie!

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  1. You are almost there!!! Keep staying positive and get all the rest you can!