Wednesday, 22 August 2012

"Last" Week (or so I hope!)

So, today I enter the 40th week. Somehow, it's hard to believe it has been nine months already. If I think about the moment we found out I was pregnant or the moment we told our parents, I get a bit emotional. It has been quite a journey. I am certainly ready to have this baby now but thankfully I am not feeling impatient or anxious. I just can't wait to see her. I haven't had any nightmare about labour yet, which is very good, and I am not too concerned, strangely. I mean, I know it's going to hurt and the process will last for a while but I am not too scared. This baby has to come out and there aren't many options! 

Unlike her mummy, she doesn't seem to be in any particular rush, so sorry for those who voted for her birthday to be on the 19th and 20th. Next guess on the poll is for the 25th. We will see, of course, you will all know when it happens. 

Last time I posted pictures of the bump was two weeks ago. Back then I thought it couldn't get any bigger but I was wrong. Look at this watermelon! 

The last two weeks have brought a big wave of tiredness. I am constantly exhausted. However, I try to stay fit as much as I can. I can't really walk too much but I still enjoy a short stroll along the riverside. Apparently, walking also helps to speed up the process, so bring it on! In fact, I am about to go out now and am thinking to skip the lift this time. Six floors of stairs here I come. Anything to help Baby O to come out! I have also added some chilly oil in my gnocchi for lunch today. Do not underestimate the power of spices! And tonight we will try with pineapple and raspberry tea.

Another gift of week 39 has been super swollen feet. I bet you can tell from the pictures. Even flip flops are not that comfortable any more. 
Apart from this though, I am doing ok. I don't sleep well but that's mostly because of the heat. We sleep with the window open and the fan all jazzed up but I still manage to sweat. Next baby will have to be born in winter! 

The very good news is that my mum is now in town. She arrived a couple of days ago, which means help help help. She has been treating us with the best dishes and has already baked a kilo of Rob's favourite biscuits, the famous *ciambelline all'anice*. It's very nice to have mum here, I feel more relaxed and so does Rob who is starting to panic a little about the big moment and needs some help. Interestingly, I seem to be the most relaxed among all...My dad is not even here and is already all nervous. He is flying over next Thursday and I truly hope to have given birth by then...I don't want too many panicky people around!


  1. Che pancione grande che hai! Mi fai una tenerezza infinita e mi dispiace troppo non poter essere lì con te...a prenderti in giro!!!!

  2. Oh wow, look at the size of your bump in the side-on pictures! We're all thinking of you and sending you good luck for the birth. We keep checking your blog to see if you're still posting, and get excited when there hasn't been a post for a day or so, just in case it's the time...! I predicted Sept 4th/5th I think, but I hope I'm wrong!