Tuesday, 21 August 2012

That's Not My Name

Oh, this Ting Tings song sounds so appropriate today...it screams from the very inside of my belly!

I didn't think that naming your child would be an easy task but I never thought it would be so difficult. And surprisingly, Rob is the picky one between the two of us. 

Rob refused to talk names until we found out the sex; of course, in the meantime, I started my own list. It was only at the beginning of the fifth month that we started talking about baby names, after three scans confirmed that we were having a baby girl. I shared my list with Rob and we soon scratched off some names that didn't work for him, and we added some more. We kept adding names for a couple of months. In the end we had a robust list of about thirty names. The number one requirement for us has always been that the name had to sound good both in Italian and English, and possibly be spelled and pronounced the same way. This, of course, narrowed down the options. We both also prefer traditional names, however, we don't want it to be too common. At least we agree on this.

Eventually, we were able to shrink the list, from thirty names we selected six, and then just two. It was a hard battle between these two but thankfully we were able to choose one and be happy with it. ... Until two days ago...when Rob changed his mind. 

Now, with just ten days to go, we are back to the beginning...we are starting from scratch, and every time I have a abdomen cramp or a little pain that perhaps has got nothing to do with the pregnancy, I panic and all I can think of is that if I go into labour today, I will have very little strength to be thinking of a baby name. Wish us luck!

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  1. What about Gucci? It works in both languages and is a name that you are already fond of.