Monday, 20 August 2012

I live in a pink world

I have never been too big on pink. Despite being a girl, I have always preferred shades of blue, even when I was little. Pink to me was always regarded as a weak, too girly, colour. When I shop I am always attracted by greyish-blueish shades. The colour scheme in our bedroom is grey-aqua-blue; the second bedroom is white and blue, the main bathroom is white-lime green-blue and the en-suite bathroom is white and light blue. Things, however, are changing. 

Since I found out we were having a little girl, I started looking at pink in a complete different way. Don't get me wrong, I have always liked pops of bright pink here and there (we have pink buckets for magazines under the tv table, a fuchsia cover on top of our grey sofa and a few pink accents here and there, such as frames and vases) but I have never been particularly obsessed with it like most girls. 

Until now, my favourite colour for flowers has always been white. There is nothing purer and more delicate than white flowers, I think. Now, when I go to the local florist I always gravitate towards pink flowers. At the moment, for example, we have bright pink gerberas on our glass coffee table.

I have also bought a few things for myself in pink that I am sure I wouldn't have before. At the beginning of Summer, for example, I bought a pair of baby pink Melissa jelly shoes; the shoes were available in black and white too, an option I would have definitely gone for before the pink mania. Not to mention the fact that I have even bought a bright pink Clinique chubby lipstick. I don't really wear make up but if I do, it's going to be a red lipstick and that's it. Now, I also own a bright pink one. 

I have also redecorated the en-suite bathroom. It is no longer white and blue. It's now white and pink, of course. We are renting, so we can't do too much with the flat; both bathrooms have white walls and white tiles, a blank canvas, really. So I had to play around with the accessories to make them a bit more interesting. For the *new* bathroom I have bought a nice bath mat with rouches of different shades of pink, starting from white to fuchsia, new pink towels, a bright pink glass for my tools (nail file, nail scissors, eyelash curler...) and pink Savon de Marseille. I also used an old Whittard white mug with different shapes of pink hearts for our tooth brushes. 

And that's not it. I find myself pinning pink stuff all the time. Just a couple of examples:

Chupeta Paris shoes. Baby O will have them at some point!
Hanging bird from Urban Outfitters. Would like to get this for the pram.

Sequins Thank You cards. To buy or make.
Cotton candy as cupcake toppers.
Bright pink door and shutters. I just love this!
Stuart Weitzman’s resort 2013 collection. I love jellies.
Pink and Gray. Just perfect!

Onesie from Winter Water Factory.
Pink living room. Perfect for a West London small flat.

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