Saturday, 18 August 2012

My daughter is engaged!

And no, we haven't arranged a marriage between Baby O and a wealthy emirate! Not yet, at least!

This is apparently the proper, medical, way of saying that Baby O is in position. I had a doctor appointment yesterday and she confirmed that the baby is cephalic and her head is very low. Good to know she is on the right track! Apparently, she dropped considerably since our last appointment. Everything seems to be going as it should. Of course, there is no way to know at this point when she may come out but at least it is very good to know that she is cooperating and didn't get lost in there. Eleven days to go till the due date, and hopefully we won't need to pass that day! 
Sorry for the people who voted for the 16th and 17th (me and Rob included! Both Rob and I were born on the 17th, Rob in May and I was born in July - we were hoping to create a sort of brand here!); next guess on the poll is the 19th, we will see what happens.

Anyway, as good as the news was, the word engagement still evokes the magic world of jewellery to me...and to go off the baby topic for a bit, yesterday night I had a look at the catalogues of two high brands that I love...just to dream a little.

First on the list is an Italian jewellery house from Capri, Chantecler. I simply love their style, it is so Summery. I was in Capri with my best friend Ila a long time ago and still have the greatest memory of us entering the amazing world of Chantecler in the shop near the famous Piazzetta and trying all their beautiful rings on. In another life I want to be rich, filthy rich! In fact, I wouldn't mind owning a house in Capri. :) Anyway, Chantecler is mostly famous for their Campanelle (bells, in Italian). I have a silver one but what I really would  like to have is one with the precious stones, I don't really mind which one (although, if you are taking notes and feel generous, perhaps the pink and red coral or turquoise ones are my favourite!).

I love the charms and think they look wonderful with a small pearl necklace, although the rings are pretty awesome too and I like the sound they make when you move your hands and us, Italians, love using our hands when we speak! Imagine the music there. 

Anyway, for now, I think I will have to stick with my silver, medium size, charm and be happy with it.

Another brand I have been obsessing over for years now (and I still don't own anything!) is Van Cleef and Arpels, a French maison this time. Their iconic collection is the so called Alhambra, launched in 1968. The emblem of the collection, a sort of four-petal flower, has become a symbol of luck, health, fortune, and love. I pretty much fancy everything but it's the long gold and onyx necklace that I would like to have in my jewellery box at some point before I die!

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