Friday, 17 August 2012

Little Luxe City Guides

Keeping up with the topic of traveling with little kids...

I mentioned Luxe City Guides before on this blog, mostly for their cool designs. Recently, they have launched their Little Luxe City Guides line, just in time for us. For now, there are only three destinations available: Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bali. My top preference among these three would be Bali; Rob, however, keeps telling me that he may need to go to Singapore and perhaps Hong Kong for work at some point, so we may start from there. And if we go with Baby O, we'll make sure to get these guides.

The brand new series is designed for families on the go who still want to travel and explore new areas but need a little help planning a trip with their children. Sounds like just what we need. The very good thing about Little Luxe is that they are written by resident editors with families who share their tips on the best spots parents should know on a foreign city. 

I can't wait to book a holiday now!

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