Thursday, 18 August 2011

I {heart} you, Shad Thames

After weeks (months!) of moaning and whining about our failure in finding a nice flat in London, finally, Rob and I have spotted a lovely place that we are both happy to call home. In the last couple of months we have been searching for a new place to live in every bit and corner of the city; we explored new areas which we really like (see Parsons Green) and were open to move anywhere as long as it was a nice spot. Little we knew that our home was just around the corner from where we live now, waiting for us to notice it...

Shad Thames is an area in London we both absolutely adore. The cobble stone, the narrow streets, the Tower Bridge, the Tower Bridge Piazza, the cafes, the little restaurants and boutique shops and all those warehouse conversions are only some of the things we love about it. We looked in the area for a bit but then we gave up when we realised it was really a *wealthy city types* nest. Until, we saw this cute flat in the Vanilla & Sesame warehouse conversion (isn't the name lovely?), in the very heart of Shad Thames., that we could afford. Our new home is less than a minute walk to the Tower Bridge (where Rob proposed, remember?) and just behind the restaurant where we ate the night of the proposal. We like to think that this is our area. Panta Rei, said the Greeks...

All the pictures below are taken from this site. But soon, I'll be taking my own pictures and will document the move and all the new discoveries we make in the area. I can't wait!

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