Thursday, 11 August 2011

Out of the *gray*

I was walking to work this morning, as every single day, when it started raining.  And for once I was prepared. 
It was quite sunny when I woke up, actually, but when I checked the weather forecast at breakfast I saw that rain was on the way, so I took an umbrella, which I almost never do. Around 9.15am, while I was half way to the office it started to pour down and out of the blue all Londoners, me included, took their umbrellas out of their bags and opened them. It was fascinating to see how normal that gesture was. When I was in Pescara, I got used to cleaning all the sand off my feet after a long stroll at the beach; here, in London, I got used to opening an umbrella nonchalantly :)

And then I focussed on the variety of brollies and believe me, I saw it all: bright colours, dots, stripes, flowers, skulls, leopard prints...the range of umbrellas mirrors the range of individuals in London completely. My umbrella, which is in fact Rob's, is so dull: black with a dark wood handle. That's not me for sure!

This lovely umbrella has been on my wish list for quite a while now, perhaps it's time I take a trip to Orla Kiely!

P.S. Speaking of rain, have you see the Renault *Kiss my Glass* campaing? I think it's hilarious!

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