Tuesday, 26 October 2010

It's all happening...

About a month ago, something beautiful happened...and I am now ready to tell you all about it!

It was tuesday, September the 14th and I spent the whole day at a conference. After the conference I had a waxing appointment so I headed to the salon when Rob called me. He had just got back from Paris and was on his way to the barber. Since the barber is close to the beauty salon, he suggested we'd meet up and walk home together. Once done with the beautician, Rob was already there waiting for me and, even better, he had booked a table at one of our favourite restaurants down the Tower Bridge area. It's the restaurant we chose to have dinner in when Rob finally found a job in London, now more than four years ago. I was so happy that I didn't have to cook, the conference absorbed all my energy. While walking, it started pouring down and it rained so hard I almost wanted to cry! We put our hoods up and started running but when we were very close to the Tower Bridge Rob stopped; I turned over to look at him and he was holding a ring. There, in our favourite spot in London, under a torrential rain, he asked me to marry him. It was so bad and so perfect at the same time! And the marvellous thing was that the ring was fake! So I looked at him and laughed and cried at the same time. It seemed to be in the set of a movie, the rain for a moment didn't seem to bother us, it was just the two of us, embracing each other, with the lights of the majestic Tower Bridge behind us. Of course I said yes! Rob and I have been talking about wedding, marriage, honeymoon, kids, growing old together, retirement...since the very first night we met. It was an easy question! I said yes without a ring, and I said yes with a plastic ring! The day after, we met for lunch, he told me he was going to be around my office, so we thought it would be nice to have lunch together. Instead, we *had lunch* at De Beers in the so elegant Bond Street and I confirmed my yes. Rob picked Aura, a very beautiful ring. I think it's delicious!
Unfortunately, it was a tiny bit big. At the store they didn't have my size. No other store in London had my size. Ironically, the only store in Europe that had my size was in Paris, and Rob was just there! Long story short, we had to order it. I waited a week before I was finally able to wear it and I simply love it! Every time I look at it, I remember that magic night, and I smile...

Since that day, all I can think of is the wedding! So, please friends, forgive me!
The first thing to think of, and finalise, was the date. Two days after the proposal we went to my hometown in Italy and started discussing wedding issues with my parents. In two days we picked a date, reserved two churches and designed and printed our Save the Date cards. We don't use Save the Date cards in Italy but Rob is American and I was more than happy to respect this tradition. Considering that I have never designed Save the Date cards before and that I had to do everything in two days, the reason for this being that we were going to the States soon after and I wanted them to be printed in Italy and hand them to people in person, I think I did a good job. You be the judge!

For the Save the Date I decided that an elegant gray would be my favourite option. I am a bit obsessed with baroque frames these days, so the choice of it as the main *character* was quite obvious.

The most difficult bit, as always, was to find the right fonts. I played around with several fonts for a while until I settled on these two: one for the save the date title and the other for the main text.

To give some extra relevance to the card, I added a little rhinestone, another thing I am quite obsessed with these days. I think it adds some luxe and I also, personally, find it cute.

The design was then printed on soft, layered, white paper, which I love. The final difficult bit of the process was to find the perfect envelopes and the perfect way to write the names on them. Bear in mind I had only two days! So calligraphy, for example, wasn't an option! I tried wrap-around labels but they looked cheap compared to the design; I tried to type-write the names but I struggled to find a typewriter that would work! I tried to stamp a baroque frame on the envelopes but the final result was a bit heavy. I liked the idea of using a stamp, however, hence the decision to use little, individual, alphabet stamps. I love the result! As for the envelopes, I went from transparent white, gray and light pink, to pearlescent white and light pink to finally settle on classic white and pale gray (I couldn't decide between the two, so I used them both!). What do you think, like them?

I should add: I made Save the Date cards only for the American folks, so if you are not American and haven't received a card, please don't panic, that doesn't mean that you are not on the guest list!

Soon with more details....


  1. wow wow...it seems really a movie story! I really like your save the date card...if once I will need some of them...I will surely ask you to make them for me! :)

  2. I like them too...and I also love the story about the rain and the fake ring!

  3. may i ask where you found the fonts??