Sunday, 4 July 2010

Flowers, Vegetables, Cupcakes and Relax

So, the weekend is now over...what have you been up to?
I had a very relaxing and lovely weekend and now feel ready to face what's going to be a super busy week.

On Saturday morning Rob and I went to Borough Market to buy some goodies and new plants for the terrace. The atmosphere in that market is always amazing and I simply love going there. It's always full of people, smells and colours...I could go there every day (if it was open)! We also bumped into our friends Andrew and Stephanie while shopping, which was very nice; it doesn't happen that ofter to run into people we know in London, this city is so big! We spent the afternoon strolling around St. Katherine's Docks, probably my favourite spot in London. The weather was glorious and the docks were so beautiful. I must confess: I envied all the people tanning and sipping wine on the boats. Anyone out there, owners of boats!, who would be willing to invite us over for a drink? Once back home from our stroll I spent the rest of the day gardening and baking, the perfect life! I planted new wonderful plants on the terrace and seeds of mixed lettuce. Meanwhile my chard, rocket and courgettes are growing nicely while the tomato plants are suffering the heat a little bit. I hope they recover, I can't bear the idea of not having tomatoes this summer! After dinner, vegetables and prawns stir fried noodles outside in the terrace, I baked some cupcakes. They didn't come out perfect but I think they look ok and taste quite good. Today we celebrated the 4th of July with our American friends Andrew and Steph. They organised a very nice bbq, food and drinks were simply delicious and we had a lovely time.

This is how every weekend should be...

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