Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Not successful, but fun!

As some of you have been asking about last Saturday fair, I figured I would write a little post about it to sum up the events of the day.

As you all know, I was VERY VERY excited to be at this We Make London fair. It was my first experience and didn't really know what to expect.
Well, we booked a taxi to pick us up at 9.15am. The fair was held at Chelsea Old Town Hall, in King's Road and we live in the London Bridge area. It only took us 10 minutes to get there, so we decided to have breakfast, well our second breakfast, in a cafe' nearby. At 10.00 on the dot we are heading to the Hall. Lots of girls with big boxes and bags are all around, it's a sign that we are in the right place.

Chelsea Old Town Hall looks beautiful and there are so many crafters around, I am overwhelmed! And scared...I look around and all the stalls look so professionally set up, you can tell it's my first time! My supporters, Rob, Ilaria, Elena and Amy, keep telling me that my stall looks great but I can see the others, and they are better, much better! Lots of inspiration for next time :)

The weather was just glorious and as we feared, there were not many people around. I bet all Londoners were at the park! I would have gone to Regent's Park myself if I didn't have to be there! My good friends Mike and Natalie came by too, which was super nice, and it was very good to have a chat with them.

Despite the paucity of visitors and activity, the day went by very fast and I had lots of fun! I was very lucky to be surrounded by best friends and to have two lovely girls as neighbours, both stalls looked amazing. I met very talented artists and brilliant people. Didn't sell much but it was wonderful to be in such an inspiring place surrounded by beautiful handmade stuff.

I am now looking forward to the next one...

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