Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Orange Pekoe

Sunday was the day for yet another wonderful Afternoon Tea with the girls. We had been thinking about visiting the lovely tea shop in Barnes, Orange Pekoe, for quite some time and thought that it would be best to go in Summer. Our wait was paid off and we were rewarded with a lovely and sunny day! I love going to Barnes, I associate it with my baby shower (hosted by my friend Natalie who lives in Barnes) and it is always nice to venture outside central London, especially on a clear Summer afternoon.

By now the girls and I have gained some experience in Afternoon Tea and have had different flavours, from the very posh to the very vintage one and we all appreciate a good Afternoon Tea. I can't say this one was the best but it certainly wasn't the worst either and I really liked the simplicity of the interiors with a mixture of vintage and modern. Definitely my cup of tea!


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