Sunday, 3 August 2014

Denmark in three days

One of the advantages of having my parents around was that Rob and I could plan things without being too worried about Emilia and who was going to look after her. We went out for dinner, did some London sightseeing, enjoyed some shopping, and even planned trips away. Rob went on a last minute trip to New York for work and I went to Denmark for fun! I had been meaning to go and visit my friend Anya for a bit and finally my dream materialised. Anya and I were flat-mates in London the year Rob was in the US; we became very good friends and have been able to stay close for the last nine years. Rob and I went to see her and her husband in Denmark once and she has come to London several times to visit us. You may remember her recent trip with her daughter Sophia. Now, it was my turn! Anya and I planned this trip meticulously and wanted it to be special. We both needed some rest and girlie time. So, we went on a road trip of Denmark, just the two of us! 

The day I arrived, she came to pick me up at the airport with her lovely family, it was such a sweet way to welcome me there. We first went to their house where we exchanged gifts, took a tour of the house, strolled in the neighborhood and ate a nice fish lunch. The kids were excited to have me around and I was very happy to be relaxing in their garden with not a worry in the world.


After that, we hit the road and it was just me and her for three days. We drove from Kolding to Silkeborg, her hometown, and she showed me around all the areas where she grew up. All the things she had been telling me about finally had a face. I loved seeing her parents' house, her grandparents' house, her school, the restaurant where she had her first date with her husband, the lakes where she used to go and swim when she was little. It was all so very special. We took a nice boat tour and always started the day with a nice visit to the local bakery. We ate at cute cafes and had a wonderful dinner at a cool wine bar. And of course, we did some shopping. You know how big of a fan of the Scandinavian style I am! If only I had a bigger suitcase...


After two days in Silkeborg, we drove to Aarhus, where we met with Anya's brother and his family, had a lovely lunch at a cute cafe', took a stroll in the old part of town and of course did some shopping!


It was then almost time for me to go back home. So we drove to Anya's parents' beach house where we reunited with the kids and enjoyed a lovely coffee with yummy cakes by the beach. It was a very sweet way to end my stay. 


It's times like this I realise how good life is. I have a wonderful family, amazing parents who stayed an extra few days in London just to allow me to go on a trip with my old friend Anya. I have amazing friends around the world whose friendship I value as one of the most important things in my life. I had a special time in Denmark, I relaxed, recharged my batteries, saw new places, but most importantly I spent some quality time with a very good friend. This is what I call living your life in full and without regrets.

Thank you ever so much, Anya, for having me and giving me the best birthday gift of all: relax, chats, and lots of good laughs. I miss you already, my good friend!

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