Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Weekend

Sadly, Emilia hasn't been feeling great lately, she has a very bad cold, which means we have been forced to stay inside the flat most of the time, entertaining ourselves with lots of Easter activities. And yes, we have also been eating quite a bit!

Good Friday
Friday was all about eating! In the morning we had breakfast with a giant hot cross bun and then Rob and I went to Borough Market to get some fresh fish for both lunch and dinner. I cooked lunch and my mum took care of dinner; both meals were delicious! 

Saturday was all about baking! I have often posted on this blog about our family Sunday baking projects, so you know how much we all love baking. Emilia is always so interested and concentrated and loved baking Easter cookies with her grandparents. 

Rob and I also escaped a little in the afternoon and walked to the Tate Modern to enjoy a lovely Matisse exhibition. Exhibitions at the Tate are usually very good and we both loved the bold colours and the big canvases. In general, it was good to get out and spend some time just the two of us.


Easter Sunday
Sunday was all about crafting! Not only was Emilia not feeling good enough to go out, also the weather was absolutely crappy on Easter Sunday. So, lots of crafting for us! Thankfully, I had bought several things to do and my mum had also brought a few things from Italy, so we were set. We decorated eggs, we made masks, we painted, we played with Easter stickers, broke and ate chocolate eggs, and did some finger printing! It was fun. 


All in all we had a great day. Let's hope Emilia feels better soon and the weather is good tomorrow so that we can go to the part and have a nice pic-nic! I even bought a pinata!

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