Saturday, 1 March 2014

Unicorn Theatre

The weekend has started and so our family activities have kicked off. Today we visited the Unicorn Theatre, the UK's leading professional theatre designed for a young audience. Luckily for us, the Unicorn Theatre is in our area and just a ten minute walk from our flat. We have been meaning to go for quite some time, however, most activities are for 2+ years old kids. Recently, however, we spotted smaller toddlers getting into the theatre so when we checked the programme again, we noticed that they had introduced "UP", a soft play session with other activities such as cookies decorating and rocket building aimed at 0-4 years old children, held on most Saturdays from 12.00 to 13.30 in the theatre's foyer. It was time to pay the Unicorn a visit. 


We arrived at 12.07 and the foyer was already packed. On one side the soft play session, on the other side, next to the cafe', the craft area. We parked our buggy and looked for a table in the craft area as the soft play area was full. Today it was all about creating and decorating carnival masks. In Italy we celebrate Carnevale on Tuesday, so this activity was particularly welcomed! As I said before, Emilia absolutely loves crafting so she felt at home immediately. The organiser of the craft area was such a sweet girl who helped us getting settled and even gave us a pack of new masks to decorate at home when she heard I was Italian and that we celebrate Carnevale in just a few days. How nice! 


We made two masks. I will admit, they are not the most beautiful and creative ones, some parents really let all their creativity out, but we will practice some more on Tuesday for the actual holiday.  We then moved to the soft play area that in the meantime had become much less crowded. Needless to say, Emilia loved it and didn't want to leave! 


But it was time to leave eventually. It was time to go back home to eat, take a long nap and get ready for our next weekend activity: baking! This weekend we are going to experiment with recipes with the so much loved Nutella. Also, the cafe' at the Unicorn had some colourful chocolate cookies that I may use as inspiration for our next weekend's baking project! Don't they look cute? 

The Unicorn experience was overall very nice. A little while ago we bought tickets for Sensacional, a sensory show for toddlers; we will go at the end of April when my parents will also be in town and I can't wait to see how Emilia will react! It's going to be super fun.

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