Sunday, 2 February 2014

The luxury of having the grandparents in town!

Being organised with kids is not very easy. There is so much going on that it can be overwhelming. And if both parents work things get even trickier and the level of organisation required is very high. At the end of 2013 I realised that Rob and I needed some structure and so I decided to invest in a big and personalised calendar to hang in the kitchen in an attempt to make everyone in the family (well, Rob and myself for now) aware of what was going on. The Otrembas' social calendar was on display from day one of 2014 and it's our to-go-to place every time we need to organise or sort something out. We live by it.

However, as much as you try and want to be organised, sometimes things are just out of your control. A few weeks ago Rob and I had a look at the calendar and realised that we both had work engagements we couldn't change for the end of January. I had to go to Barcelona for a project consortium meeting and Rob had a conference in London he absolutely had to go to. Huge clash of work commitments. At first we thought to book the baby sitter for longer hours, however we soon realised that this plan was not going to work as Rob had to stay as late as at least 23.00 on two of the nights. Plan B was for me to cancel my trip to Barcelona but it would have looked very VERY bad on me. Thankfully, my parents came to the rescue! I have always come first to them, I am the one and only priority, I am ahead of everything, and I mean everything. And now by default Rob and Emilia are equally important and the most important thing they vaule in the entire world. So, when they heard that we were having difficulties sorting out our work and family commitments they didn't hesitate one second and took off work and booked their flights. God bless them! So, they arrived on Tuesday morning and two hours later I was on a plane to Barcelona. Easy peasy. I was able to attend my meeting and Rob could be at the conference all the time he needed. Meanwhile Emilia was at home being super spoiled by her grandparents who bought her all sorts of things, among which this super cute Peppa Pig trolley. We can't wait to use it!

And the three of them had so much fun! Both my mum and dad are quite crafty people and Emilia seems to enjoy making things too. They painted (hand painted and sponge painted) built things, and baked cookies but the thing that certainly impressed me the most was these two sweet fairies that they made using pipe cleaners, wooden beads, yarn, fabric and other simple materials. Aren't they wonderful!?

Anyway, while they played, Rob and I were super relaxed doing our things and could concentrate on work, knowing that Emilia was in good hands. My meeting in Barcelona went very well and I am glad I was able to go not only for the work I did, of course, but also because Barcelona is always a pleasure. Even in Winter the sky was super blue and the beach looked absolutely amazing. There were even people playing at beach volley. We must find a way to go there more often!


At my lunch break I loved wandering around this beautiful city. And it is true that good weather puts you in a good mood! I was happy.


So, from Tuesday to Thursday I was in Barcelona. I got back to London very late at night and at home I was welcomed by a delicious cake made by my mum, *il soffione alla ricotta*, one of Rob's, and mine, favourite cakes ever! That was a good way to welcome me back home.

Friday I took advantage of my parents' presence and spent the whole day shopping with my cousin at an outlet village about an hour away from London. I loved it and bought a ton of clothes for Emilia. I love going to this outlet but I never have the chance and with my parents around everything becomes possible. And after a full day of shopping, I got home to quickly freshen up and out I was again. This time with Rob. When we knew my parents were coming we immediately booked a table at Zuma, a modern Japanese restaurant in Knightsbridge. Despite our high expectations, Zuma didn't disappoint. The food was simply divine. The tuna sushi melted in my mouth and the grilled tiger prawns were to die for. I could go back tonight! 


I joke around with my parents that when they are around to help out with Emilia, we squeeze them to the last drop! We really take advantage of them. But they are happy to do it, so it's fine. And everyone is happy. 
Saturday evening was night in. My mum and Emilia made pizza for us and it was amazing. Emilia's was heart shape. Cute, right? The girl loves playing with the dough.


Sadly, my parents are leaving tomorrow. I know I will miss them terribly. But before they went I had to take advantage of their stay one more time and enjoyed an Afternoon Tea with the girls. Today we went to Cake Hole in Columbia Road, a cute little place hidden inside a vintage shop full of teapots, cups, doilies and knick knacks. I love seeing the girls at our monthly afternoon teas and it's always so nice to spend some time with them. Now it's time to book our next Afternoon Tea. Where shall we go? Any suggestions? 


So, thanks are in order. Thank you so so much mum and dad for all the help and love that you give us every day, and not only when you are here with us. We feel your love even when you are far away and we love you immensely. Grazie!

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  1. Your mom is so creative!! So great to see you yesterday! x