Sunday, 26 January 2014

I want to do what you do, and more!

Emilia is growing up, and fast. Every day she examines us and tries to imitate us. It is so cute to see her entering the toddler's world. She is officially no longer a baby. 

First of all, she is done eating baby food. Well, in all honesty, we stopped buying baby food a little while ago already. Emilia watches us eating and wants to try whatever we are having. Everything looks good to her. And the girl loves to eat. And now, she wants to eat by herself, like mummy and daddy do. She makes a mess, of course, but she needs to learn, right? And I appreciate the effort. So, to make her happy, I try to cook for her something similar to what we are eating. If we are having brunch on Saturday morning, I'll make sure to make scrambled eggs for her too. The difference? No salt for her, that's all, and she doesn't know that nor can she notice it. Also, we graduated from little pasta (e.g. stelline, tempestina, anellini, sabbiolina and all the thousands of different kinds of pastina Italian brands have come up with in the last twenty years or so) to medium size pasta, like these maccheroncini in the picture. Emilia loves eating what we do, so if I am having a bowl of rigatoni with tomato sauce and Parmesan, she will have a copy of it. And she is happy doing what mummy is doing.


 She also wants to try and experience new things. She is very curious and enjoys novelty. It doesn't have to be big stuff, anything new would do. This morning, for example, Rob put her on top of the bookshelf. You should have seen her face, he made her day. She was so excited and happy and I melt every time I see her smile. 

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