Monday, 3 February 2014

So, what did they do?

So what did they do? What did Emilia and my parents do while Rob and I were busy working hard? The answer is: all sorts of things! 

First of all, my mum and dad showered Emilia with gifts. They brought a few things from Italy and bought a ton of stuff here in London. Meet the latest addition to the family, Miss Hello Kitty, one of Emilia's beloved and favourite things in the world. I don't usually love stuffed toys but I have to admit, she is a cutie.

One day, my parents went out shopping and came back with a lot of things for Emilia, mostly books and activities. As my mum pointed out, Emilia is a *table-kid*, meaning someone who really enjoys sitting down at a table to learn and do new things. For this exact reason, we recently bought a Stokke highchair and created a craf-area for Emilia in the main room. Her corner of the table is full of crayons, markers, colouring-in pads, stamps, stickers and many many other things to keep her little brain and hands busy. So, Emilia and my parents have been using this spot and have been experimenting with different kinds of painting, with a classic brush, hand painting as well as sponge painting. The results are quite impressive, I think. Emilia is already definitely better than me at painting.

 Also, as I mentioned in the previous post, they did a bit of cooking and baking. Emilia loves pumpkins so my parents showed to her how they look inside and how to cut, carve, and cook them. They made a delicious pumpkin and potatoes soup! They also baked some anise cookies. The ones in the picture were entirely made by Emilia from scratch.


So, Emilia was busy painting, baking,! Yes, cleaning, that's right! Emilia loves cleaning. Since she was very little, she enjoyed having a little sponge to clean her little table after a meal. That's what I did, and that's what she wanted to do. I always found it adorable. Now, my parents may have taken the cleaning interest to a different level by letting/making her clean the windows! When I saw this picture that my dad took while I was in Barcelona I laughed really hard. There she is, my seventeen months old baby cleaning the window in the kitchen!

Joking aside, it looks like the three of them had a great time together and this makes me very happy. When they were not busy painting, creating, crafting, building, baking, cooking, and cleaning, they strolled a bit around our neighbourhood. The weather in London hasn't been great but not too bad either and thankfully we live in a very nice area, where there is always something going on.


 Mum, dad, thanks again for your help. I will treasure all these pictures, and in particular this drawing of us, forever and ever. And I am sure Emilia will love to look at this one day. 

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