Monday, 17 February 2014

Spa Day

Emilia loves being pampered. In this, she is a real girlie girl. One of the words that she has chosen to learn is *crema* (=lotion) and with it *collo* (=necklace). Every time she sees me going to the toilet, she comes with me and goes straight to the bucket in her changing table where all her lotions are. She grabs one and puts some on her neck while saying crema - collo. She is so cute. In general, she likes being looked after, she likes when I lotion and massage her chubby legs and she loves bathing in her inflatable duck. I am aware that bath time is a big topic among parents with young kids; some bathe their children every night to create a serene and calm environment before bed time. All this in order to have a night routine that works. I personally disagree with this logic. What happens if for whatever reason you can't bathe the child one night? He/she will be so confused that won't sleep then? Since Emilia was very little, we have always been quite flexible with bath time, we do it when it is necessary, usually twice a week. I also spoke with a good friend of mine who is a dermatologist and he advised once, twice max per week. So, we are good.

I often hear horrible bath stories of babies crying and screaming hysterically. Thankfully, it's not our case. Emilia really likes being pampered and I predict lots of visits to the spa in the future, mummy and daughter together...Can't wait!


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