Tuesday, 18 February 2014


There are several things I value in life but friendship is certainly one of the things I consider most important. And it looks like Emilia agrees with me.

Yesterday afternoon I took Emilia to a soft play session at a children's centre close to our flat. When we first arrived there weren't many kids and we didn't know anybody. Emilia was a bit shy. After about twenty minutes, however, our good friends Katharina and little Elias arrived. Emilia's face lit up! There is no doubt Emilia and Elias can recognise each other and wherever one went, the other followed. It's adorable to see the two of them growing together and discovering the world one little bite at a time. 


For an hour and a half the kids are free to do pretty much whatever they wish using all the space and toys available. Then, the last thirty minutes of the session are all about singing and dancing and the very last minutes are spent in the company of a parachute. Some kids love it, others a bit less. I think Emilia is still deciding whether she likes it or not? :)

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