Sunday, 16 February 2014

Children's Festival - Imagine

Remember a little while ago I wrote about Imagine? Imagine is a children's festival that has been hosted by the Southbank Centre and is running until next Sunday. We originally planned to go on Valentine's Day but the weather wasn't great so we postponed the visit to today. And today the weather was absolutely glorious. The Southbank Centre is not that far from us so this morning we got ourselves ready and walked along the riverside sun-kissed. The southbank area is always beautiful but when the sun is shining it is even better. 


The closer we got to the Southbank Centre the bigger the amount of strollers that were bustling around. The Centre was full of kids and babies, some were dancing, others were singing, more were playing instruments, reading, colouring, playing with stamps, cardboard, time machines, and especially the girls were having their faces painted. The Southbank Centre was transformed into a magical place to welcome the little guests and the columns in the ground floor were even covered with paper so that kids could colour in and leave their mark. Four floors were open to host the festival and each floor had something different going on. Emilia was perhaps a bit too young to appreciate what was happening but she seemed to enjoy the buzz around her.


And to make the day even better, we lunched at Nandos and bought cupcakes at Borough Market. Best Sunday ever! :)


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